The Pumice Stone Lipari's

Light and White, the Lipari's pumice stone has, from always, constituted one of its heads strong, in passed for the commerce and today like tourist attraction. The pomice is the fruit of a last volcanic activity, concluded various years ago. There are many craters along the landscape, a mixed horizon to black cliff, green mantle and mounts with white facades: an evocative picture is introduced to the eyes of the tourist who cannot make other that to admire it. The most important quarry of pomice are found to Porticello. In this bay many factories are present, today in disuse, only one were in function but the Soprintendenza to the Cultural Assets has decided to totally block the extraction of this stone.
This decision has change the life of the island, because the pumice stone commerce and extraction have marked two centuries and more of the social history of Lipari. The refuse of the workings of the factories during the years have formed hills of this white powder most fine that throws itself sweetly on the sea. Bather can go up on these hills, cover of powder, that has a smooth effect, and then dive itself in the crystalline waters in this Mediterranean paradise. These anomalous taps, gushed out from the craters of the northern part of the island, are object of an argument between who had made of this quarry its own work and who has fought to safeguard this paradise.