Underwater Routes in Lipari Island

Diving Zone: Punta Castagna and Pietra del Bagno

Punta Castagna

This is a wonderful place for diving: a plane to 10 mt. From the surface, covered in white powder coming from pumice stone querry that is in the coast. The depth is as white as an old dusty loft, in this place are depth cracks, that go from a white landscape to a never ending colourful vertical wall deep in the blue of the sea: sponges, Red Gorgonia (paramunicea clavata), Bream (diplodus) Red Castagnola (anthias anthias), Tracina Ragno (trachinus araneus), Grouper (epinephelus guaza);
This coast is advised to the photos sub.
Depth: min 10 - max 45
Difficulty: very demanding
Current: medium
Level visibility: very good

Pietra del Bagno

This diving must be made all around the rocky. It is adapted to sub of all levels. In whichever level, close to the colourful walls, you can do interesting meeting and see beautiful navy scenes.
Daisy of sea (parazoanthus axinellae), Polpo (octopus vulgaris), Murena (muraena helena), Salpa (sarpa sarpa), Bream (diplodus), Red Scorfano (scorpaena scrofa) White Musdea (phycis phycis), Grouper (epinephelus guaza);
This coast is advised to the fotosub.
Depth: min 10 - max 38
Difficulty: medium/easy
Current: medium/light
Level visibility: very good