Principal tourist attractions


Visit: The Aeolian Museum, the area and archaeological park of the Castle.

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9am to 1pm, 3.30pm to 6pm Holidays 9am to 1pm

Excursions: to the lighthouse (Geophisic Observatory of M. Guardia) to see the wonderful view of the island of Vulcano; to the Forgia Vecchia to observe an old crater from which an obsidian outflow departs; to Monte S. Angelo where one can admire an incomparable landscape; to Rocche Rosse to see the reddish obsidian outflow.
Tour of the island by car with stops at Quattrocchi, Piano Conte, Terme S. Calogero, Quattropiani, Acquacalda and Porticello di Canneto, to the obsidian outflows and to the pumice quarries.

Boat Trip: circumnavigation of the island to admire interesting beaches and coves.