Lungomare walk to Salt

Sea Front 

It is one of the most beautiful place of the Aeolian island: Pollara Bay, created by an ancient volcano half collapsed under the sea. Pollara Bay in the North-West side is famous for the movie “Il Postino” with Massimo Troisi. Bay of Pollara - Salt -
This is a photo symbol of Salina Island: Lingua Lake, in the South-East side of the island, used like salt-works. Today, the ancient lighthouse make particular atmosphere. In the background Lipari Island.
Mt. Porri is the (m.860) second extinct volcano in Salina, divided from the principal crater of Fossa delle Felci by sinking where the Sanctuary of Madonna del Terzito is. Porri Mount
Salt S.Marina In Salina in not only sea but follow the many paths can see the wonderful colour of the nature. In the photo the North side of the island with St Marina Salina and Lipari in the background.
Salina is divided in three commons: After St Marina, there is Malfa in North side. Malfa - Salt -
Salt sight from Lipari to the Sunset

The Aeolian sunset create never ending emotions to who looks it with the heart.