The sea front of Santa Marina (Salina Island) with its typical shops, is a pleasant place to stroll along.
To 100 m about from the ring road, there are the caves: in this place the inhabitants found refuge from the attacks of the Saracens in the 7 C AD.
Many beautiful is the little beach of Punta dello Scario in Malfa: it is a rocky amphitheatre, with the old storehouses of the fisherman, picturesquely painted.
To south of Santa Marina to Lingua there is a small salad lake used like saline since the end of the last century.
The ethnological and anthropological museum, is more interesting, infact, in this museum there are the old tools used by the islanders in their works.
Following a road reach the Fossa delle felci's peak (962 m above the sea) the most high of the Aeolian archipelago. In Valdichiesa there is the sanctuary of Madonna del Terzito (1622): according to tradition, one day a country man was disforesting the zone, while he was listening a sound of a bell, he followed it and found a painting with the Virgin Mary image. In that point, was built the sanctuary. The name "Terzito" from the Spanish terzillo, triplet, to indicate the triple sound of the bell that invited to the prayer.
Go on, it reach to Leni, nice centre agricultural, and Rinella famous tourist resort with the beach of black sand, the small port, and the ancient caves used by the fisherman. To Pollara, there is a group of small houses in a green field, and one of the most beautiful beach of the Island, in a frame of vulcanic rock of different colours and smooted by fire, sea, and wind. This beautiful landscape is into the ancient crater. To Pollara there is the house where made the film "Il Postino" with Massimo Troisi.
Visits:  to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito (Valdichiesa); to the oriented natural reserve of the Mounts Fossa delle Felci and dei Porri (it is advisable to previously ask permission to reach the summit of the Fossa).
Excursions: to M. Fossa delle Felci, (962 m.a.s.l.) (the highest peak of the archipelago) to M. dei Porri and in Valdichiesa, to Pollara.
Boat Trip: the circumnavigation of the island. lnteresting is the coast between P. Lingua and P. delle tre Pietre and the Western coast.