Underwater routes in Salina

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Bank of the Capo:
Immersion to 8 m from the surface into an high tower of 450 m; the most near point is the Cap of Salina Island 3 miles away and more; for this reasons the place is inhabitant by every kind of fishes and visited often by big examples of pelagic fishes.
Depth: min 8 - max 45
Degree difficulty: very demanding
Level visibility:
very good

Bank of Capo Perciato
This bank is very long. It is parallel to the jagged coastline. This coast assure many and always new itinerary; Posidonia (kind of plant, Oceanic Posidonia), Sponge, Yellow Gorgonia (Eunicella Cavolini), Murena (Muraena Helena), White bream (Diplodu), Grouper (Epinephelus guaza); This coast is advised  to the photosub.

Depth: min 20 - max 38
Degree difficulty: medium
Current: medium
Level visibility: very good
The Three Stones:
Rocky whole formed by three elements different one by other; The central stone is very interesting: it has a long form and it is the most external and imposing. Posidonia (kind of plant, Oceanic Posidonia), Daisy of the sea (parazoanthus axnellaea), orange madrepore (astroides calycularis), Ceranto (Cerianthus membranaceus), Ray's bream (chromis chromis), Saddled Bream (oblada melanura ), White bream (Diplodu).
Depth: min 8 - max 35
Degree difficulty: medium
Current: light
Level visibility: very good