Volcano island. Zones of Immersion: Large head, scoglio quaglitto, the sirenetta.
Large Head
Immersion along one beautifulst perfectly vertical wall, than from the firm surface on the sabbioso bottom to the quata one of 50 meters; Posidonia (posidonia oceanic), Sponges, Claveline (clavelina lepadiformis), Lobster (palimurus elephas), Murena (muraena helena)
Red Scorfano (scorpaena scrofa), Cernia (epinephelus guaza); advised to the fotosub.
Depth: min 20 - max 40
Degree difficulty: impegnativo mean /
Current: average / light
Level visibility: optimal
Scoglio Quaglietto:
This is one of the beautifulr immersions that the volcano island offers, from the varied distance along. The wall of the scoglio and to the inside of a cove in which statue of the madonna is present one, beyond one great amount of gamberi; Posidonia (posidonia oceanic), parapandalo (plesionika narval), Sarago (diplodus), Cernia (epinephelus guaza); advised to i fotosub.
Depth: min 20 - max 30
Degree difficulty: easy mean /
Current: light
Level visibility: optimal
The Sirenetta:
The immersion is carried out along the beautifulst vertical wall, than from ciglio place on the 16 meters comes down until 47 meters and on the pianoro delimited on one side from the ciglio, from other from the falesia lavica of the island, in proximity of the scoglio of the sirenetta. To the border between the falesia and pianoro some soffioni of sulfur, fuoruscite are present gaseous that they color the surrounding sand of yellow with red shadings. Gorgonia yellow (eunicella cavolinii), leptosammia (leptopsammia pruvoti), Madrepora to pillow (cladocora caespitosa), common Fin (fin nobilis), Scorfanotto (scorpaena noticed), Sails (sarpa sarpa).
Depth: min 5 - max 40
Degree difficulty: impegnativo mean /
Current: light
Level visibility: sufficient / good