Church  Of  Santa  Maria  Dell’ammiraglio, “La  Martorana” -  Church  Of  San Cataldo.

"La Martorana"

"La Martorana"

Le Transfert de la Vierge

"The Passing Away of the Virgin".

The “Martorana” and the San Cataldo Norman churches, in the old city centre, are two outstanding religious buildings dating back to 1143 and 1160, respectively. The Martorana was built by Roger II’s Admiral (hence the name of the church), George of Antioch. In the course of the centuries, the original structure has undergone considerable demolitions and alterations, particularly in the 16C, when the present Baroque façade was erected. In 1221 it was entrusted to the Greek clergy and then, in 1433, to the Benedictine convent established by the noblewoman Eloisa Martorana in 1194, which explains the additional name given to the church.

The remaining Norman elements are the bell tower, the domed roof and the external walls with blind arcading around the windows. In the photos, mosaics decorating the interior walls of the church.


roi Roger couronné par Jésus-Christ

Left: King  Roger crowned by Jesus. Right : "The Nativity"

La Nativité