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N.B.: Fill the form to request the available of the Apartment in the period that you have chose. Send the form and ours staff, not later than 48 hours, will confirm to you the availability of the Apartment and in the same mail we will request to you of confirm yours reservation making a payment of 20% within 2 days. In no case we access to the data of yours credit card, in the mail where we confirm to you the available, there will be the Internet address of the page of payment of the PAYPAL (Secured by SSL to 128 Bit). The reservation will be confirm only when we receive the payment.The reservation will be confirm only when we receive the payment.

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Warning: The Landlord is the only responsible of offered service and its veracity and description. The Landlord  will respect with rigour and precision what it promises and gives guarantee "satisfied or repaid". Beyond the Landlord  is the only responsible about booking and quality. Sicily Tourist gives ONLY hosting services and it is not responsible in any case of tourist service offered in place.
If you were given the availability 'in the period that you have requested payment of the deposit must' be certified within 48 hours from 'sending confirmation availability', you are invited so as to avoid misunderstandings often to check your inbox to verify the answer.