Copia di 14.jpg (22251 byte)In contrast to many waters of the Mediterranean which are badly polluted, the sea surrounding the island of Pantelleria is still clean, intact, and full of marine flora and fauna some of which has all but disappeared in many other areas of the Mediterranean, making Pantelleria a unique experience for people wishing to explore its uncontaminated depths.

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There are whole fields of "Posidonia", the coral seabed is rich in all species of the very rare "Gorgonia". Other singular flora are the "Cistoferia", a tenacious algae of the coastline found in the sea around Pantelleria and unique to European waters, together with the algae "Laminarie" which can be found in abundance.Sightings and encounters with dolphins are common in the sea surrounding the island, creating an exhilarating and emotional experience for the observer.
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Once common, but now rare to these Groups of "Globicefali" and other rare marine life are habitually sighted in these beautiful crystal clear waters, the "foca monaca" or monk seal was sighted for the first time after many years of absence in 1998